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Clear Comfort Unveils the CCW2000 Series for the Ultimate Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) AOP-Driven™ Water Treatment (PR Newswire)

2023-11-28 16:00

Clear Comfort Unveils the CCW2000 Series for the Ultimate Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) AOP-Driven™ Water Treatment

PR Newswire

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Nov. 28, 2023

Available Now, the CCW2000 Series Introduces Fertigation-Ready™ Water Treatment for Unparalleled Growth, Profitability and Sustainability for Indoor Growing

LOUISVILLE, Colo. , Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Clear Comfort launched the CCW2000 Series, a historic advancement in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) water treatment. Powered by patented Hydroxyl-Based Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) technology, the CCW2000 Series delivers the highest standards of water efficiency, quality and plant nutrient delivery. 

"Innovative technologies, like Clear Comfort's AOP-Driven water treatment, are precisely what our industry needs to fuel a new era of growth."

Formerly known as Silver Bullet Water Treatment, Clear Comfort leveraged its industry expertise and patented AOP-Driven technology to enable CEA facilities to maximize the quantity and quality of yields, crop health and water savings. The CCW2000 Series features both the CCW2800 and CCW2200 systems.

"Our commitment to redefining sustainable water treatment solutions is rooted in listening and learning from the market and our customers. In response, we've created the CCW2000 Series to cater to the unique needs and challenges of CEA growing facilities," said Steve Berens , CEO of Clear Comfort. "We're absolutely thrilled to introduce these pioneering systems to the world."

The comprehensive CCW2800 AOP-Driven DO™ water treatment system delivers Fertigation-Ready Water™, clean-in-place irrigation line cleaning, full-pretreatment reverse osmosis, blended disinfection and source water monitoring and level control. Additionally, the CCW2200 AOP-Driven DO™ water enhancement system includes clean-in-place irrigation line cleaning.

"When designing world-class greenhouses, the integration of market-leading water treatment solutions are absolutely vital for our customers," Mark Reich , Systems Integration Engineer at Prospiant. "Innovative technologies, like Clear Comfort's AOP-Driven water treatment, are precisely what our industry needs to fuel a new era of growth."

The CCW2000 Series is meticulously tailored to meet the growing needs of commercial CEA facilities for cannabis and hemp, leafy greens, herbs and microgreens, vegetables, fruit and vine crops, flowers and ornamentals and more. CEA facilities can seamlessly integrate the CCW2800 or CCW2200 systems and manage water easily with intuitive controls, unwavering reliability, personalized lab analytics and live support.

"Fertigation is at the heart of successful cultivation, and it's only as good as the water it's given," Cale Winters , President at Rhythm Cultivation Solutions and Services. "Ensuring nutrient compatibility with Fertigation-Ready Water is paramount for achieving ultimate growing results."

Clear Comfort's AOP-Driven water treatment solutions are setting a new standard for sustainability, efficiency and crop vitality by reducing the need for excessive use of traditional agriculture chemicals– without compromising water quality or protection against disruptive pathogens and contaminants.

CCW2000 Series Key Features and Advantages:

  • Fertigation Ready Water™: Nourish your crops with the ultimate Fertigation-Ready Water™ for optimal plant health, quality and growth yield.
  • Water Reclamation and Reuse: Meet sustainability goals and water use and reclaim – without compromising productivity or results.
  • Automated and Self-Managed: Shorten your to-do list with maintenance that's easy for you and staff – freeing up time to focus on your farm's success.
  • Prevent and Protect With Ease: Safeguard your crop vitality from hidden threats lurking in water by neutralizing pathogens and contaminants.
  • Profitability Meets Efficiency: See your farm's profit and plants thrive with less labor, management expense and maintenance.
  • Remote Support and Data: Unlock your farm's full potential with seamless live support and proactive water sampling analysis, from installation to operation.

The CCW2000 AOP-Driven DO™ Series for CEA water treatment is available for order now. For more information or to place an order, please visit:

About Clear Comfort
Clear Comfort, Inc. manufactures and sells Today's Best AOP™ treatment systems that deliver the best, healthiest and most sustainable water to Play and Thrive. Powered by a patented Hydroxyl-Based Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) technology, Clear Comfort is a leader in water treatment innovation for pools, spas, aquatic facilities, livestock, agriculture and other industrial water management. With headquarters and manufacturing based in Colorado , the award-winning Clear Comfort AOP systems are sustainably "Made in the USA ." Clear Comfort is a proud Impact Driven™ company dedicated to creating healthy, ethical and sustainable water solutions. Today, Clear Comfort AOP systems are trusted in the leading recreation centers, universities, resorts, water parks, major league sports organizations, homes, greenhouses, farms and more. To learn more about Clear Comfort, please visit .

About Prospiant
Prospiant, the agriculture technology portfolio of Gibraltar Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROCK) is a leading U.S.-based provider of turnkey controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) solutions for growing cannabis, ornamentals and produce, as well as a supplier of custom greenhouses for research, education and retail. Visit to find out more.

About Rhythm Cultivation Solutions and Services
Rhythm Cultivation Solutions and Services is owned and operated by accomplished engineers with over 35 years combined experience in industrial automation and controls, product development and project management. The company was founded by problem solvers who recognized an industry in need of more sustainable practices in order to maintain the highest level of quality, consistency and yield with every harvest. To learn more about Rhythm CSS, please visit .

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